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Interdisciplinary and Impactful Sport Research

Explore the different outputs of this project down below.

Get to Know Us

Project Launch

Teaching Case Study Writing Workshop

The workshops were designed as resources to support the development of teaching cases based on existing research or partnerships. The three sessions focused on:

1) Theory of Case Study Teaching,

2) Writing Case Narratives, and

3) Writing Teaching Notes. 


Community Forum

In collaboration with our partners at MLSE Launchpad, we hosted a community forum to build capacity for successful research partnerships in the sport sector. The forum sought to develop an understanding of the research process, highlight promising practices for engaging in research partnerships, and profile examples of successful research partnerships in the sport sector.

Online work meeting

Knowledge Translation Field School 

The field school allowed participants to build capacity for knowledge translation and mobilization. Those involved in the field school worked to produce an array of outputs to communicate findings from sport research to a broader audience. 

Click the button below to explore resources from the field school:

Podcast Development

Check out these podcasts published as part of the State of Sport Management Podcast. The podcasts showcase the work of graduate students and community partners and focus on innovative research methodologies and how they can be engaged to enhance research impact for sport stakeholders.

Meeting Room

Pre-Conference Workshop

The workshop will be held on May 30-31 2023, in Montreal, Québec. The workshop will engage delegates in interactive sessions on a range of qualitative research methods. 

Edited Volume

The edited volume will focus on participatory research methodologies in sport and exercise. The volume will include theoretical foundations and practical considerations of participatory and action-oriented research in sport and exercise contexts.

Open Book
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