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Theory and Practice of Teaching Case Studies

These workshops are aimed to build capacity for faculty and graduate students to develop teaching cases based on existing research or partnerships in a range of disciplinary backgrounds (e.g., management, policy, leisure studies, sociology, community development, etc.).

1) Understanding Case Teaching

In this workshop, we review an introduction to the theory and practice of teaching with case studies. We distinguish teaching with cases from the research method, and situate it within broader approaches to problem-based learning, before talking about the ways we can structure and deliver case-based learning to develop a range of skills and knowledge.

2) Writing Case Narratives

In this workshop, we discuss strategies for framing and structuring the case study narrative. We talk about the importance of context, and how we can use Freytag's Pyramid to think about the key components of a narrative.

3) Writing Case Study Teaching Notes

In this workshop, we discuss strategies and considerations for writing case study teaching notes. We review the required components, and frameworks for thinking about how to structure and articulate the information that will make the case study useful and attractive for instructors. These are presented as the 5 E's of the lesson plan.

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