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Peer Reviewed Publications

Rich, K.A., Moore, E.*, Pegoraro, A., Boggs, J. (2022). Mapping Women’s Community Sport Participation to Inform Sport Development Initiatives: A Case Study of Row Ontario.  Frontiers: Sports and Active Living. (Special Topic on Engaging Women and Girls in Community Sport).

Rich, K. A. & Sharpe, E. (accepted). Securing hipster leisure: Park policy in gentrifying neighbourhoods. Annals of Leisure Research (Special Issue on Transformations, Transgressions, and Leisure during COVID-19).

Romano, E.* K., Rich, K. A., Quesnel, D. (2021). Leveraging sports events for LGBTQ2+ inclusion: Supporting innovation in organizational culture and practices. Case Studies in Sport Management, 10(S1), S36-S40.

Barnes, M., Gatti, E., & Rich, K. A. (in press). Assessing the relevance of parks in a multi-sectoral park-health program. Managing Sport and Leisure.

Misener, L., Rich, K. A., & Pearson, E.* (2022). Tensions and Opportunities in Researching Social Change in Sport Management. Sport Management Review, 25(2), 323-340.

Rich, K.A. & Breunig, M. (in press). Cultural Safety: A lens for leisure provision in cross-cultural contexts.  Managing Sport and Leisure.

Rich, K. A., Nicholson, M., Randle, E., Staley, K., O’Halloran, P., Belski, R., Kappelides, P., & Donaldson, A. (2022). Participant-Centered sport development: A case study using the leisure constraints of women in regional communities. Leisure Sciences, 44(3), 323-342.

Nelson, G.* & Rich, K. A. (2022). Community Context and Therapeutic Recreation Programming in Rural Long-Term Care: A Socio-ecological Examination. Leisure/Loisir, 46(1), 97-122. 

Quinton, J.,* Giles, A.R., & Rich, K. A. (2022). Missing masculinities: The need for gender transformative approaches in water safety promotion for men. Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 33(1), 148-150. 

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Rich, K. A., Spaaij, R., & Misener, L. (2021). Theorizing Community for Sport Management Research and Practice. Frontiers: Sports and Active Living. 3(774366), 1-12.

Rich, K. A. (2021). Rural sport spectacles: Ice hockey, mythologies, and meaning-making in rural Canada. Leisure Sciences, 43(6), 617-629 (Special Issue on Leisure myths and myth-making).

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Rich, K. A. (2021). Rural-urban interdependencies: Thinking through the implications of space, leisure, politics, and health. Leisure Sciences, 43(1-2), 190-196.

Rich, K. A., Hoeber, L. & Weisgerber, A. (2020). The Battle of Little Big Puck: Narratives of Community, Sport, and Relationships in Rural Canada. Journal of Rural and Community Development, 15(3), 45-64.

Smart, S*., Rich, K. A., & Lauzon, A. (2020). Exploring the role of sport in the acculturation and livelihoods of newcomers to Canada. Journal of Sport for Development, 8(14) (Special issue on Sport and Livelihoods). 

Rich, K. A. & Misener, L. (2020). Get Active Powassan: Developing sport and recreation programs and policies through participatory action research in a rural community context. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise, and Health, 12(2), 272-288.

Rich, K. A. & Misener, L. (2019). Playing on the periphery: Troubling sport policy, systemic exclusion, and the place of rural sport in Canada. Sport in Society, 22(6), 1005-1024.

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Rich, K., Misener, L., & Dubeau, D. (2015). Community Cup, We are a Big Family: Examining the Social Inclusion and Acculturation of Newcomers to Canada Through a Participatory Sport Event. Social Inclusion, 3(3), 129-141. 

Rich, K., & Bean, C., & Apramian, Z. (2014). Boozing, brawling, and community building: Sport-facilitated community development in a rural Ontario community. Leisure/Loisir, 38(1), 73-92.

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Golob, M., Giles, A. R., & Rich, K. (2013). Identifying promising practices for enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of water safety education for ethnic and cultural minorities. International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education, 7(1), 39-55. 

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Book Chapters

Rich, K. A., Misener, L, and the Trout Creek Community Centre Board. (2017). Community Centres as Spaces for Sport, Recreation, and Resiliency: The Case of the Trout Creek Community Centre. In L. Brinklow & R. Gibson (Eds.), Building Community Resilience: From Black Horses to White Steeds (pp. 109-131). Charlottetown, PE: Island Studies Press.

Rich, K. A. & Misener, L. (2017). From Canada with Love: Human Rights, Soft Power, and the Pridehouse Movement. In C. Esherick, B. Baker, S. Jackson, & M. Sam (Eds.), Case Studies in Sport Diplomacy. Morgantown, WV: Fit Publishing.

Doherty, A. & Rich, K. A. (2015). Sport for Community Development. In M. Bowers & M. Dixon (Eds.), Sport Management: An Exploration of the Field and its Value. Sagamore.

Houston, C.*, Rich, K. A., Smith, T.* & Pegoraro, A. (2021). “I want justice and more”: Loreto, Carcillo, and dominant narratives of hockey culture on twitter. In C. MacDonald & J. Edwards (Eds.), Overcoming the Neutral Zone Trap (pp. 49- 68). University of Alberta Press.

Rich, K. A. & Misener, L. (2020). Resisting, reproducing, and recreating rurality: Leisure in contemporary rural communities. In T. Glover & E. Sharpe (Eds.), Leisure Communities: Rethinking Mutuality, Collective Identity and Belonging in the New Century (pp. 192-201). Routledge.

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Rich, K. A. (2019). Cultural Safety for Camp Programmers and Administrators. Workshop facilitated for the Ontario Camps Association Annual Conference, Markham, ON.

Rich, K. A., & Adams, C. (2018). Rural Sport: Context, processes, and outcomes. Session organized for the North American Sociology of Sport Conference, Vancouver, BC.

Rich, K. A., Kope, J., & Wenninger, D. (2018). Understanding and Improving Capacity within Diverse Community Contexts and Organizations. Workshop facilitated for Gathering Strength: Framework for Recreation in Canada 2018 hosted by Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Associate, Regina, SK.

Rosenthal, M., van Ingen, C., Adams, M. L., Mills, C., Rich, K. A., & Liao, J. (2017). Embodied Learning: Engaging Bodies through Film. Panel presentation for the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport Conference, Windsor, ON.

Chalip, L., Green, B., Misener, R., Taks, M., & Rich, K. A. (2017). Getting Some Action: Building Sport Management Theory and Practice through Action Research. Symposium at the North American Society for Sport Management Conference, Denver, CO.

Singer, J. N., Shaw, S., Hoeber, L., Walker, N., Rich, K. A., & Agyemang, K. (2017). Critical Conversations About Qualitative Research in Sport Management. Symposium at the North American Society for Sport Management Conference, Denver, CO.

Musser, A., Smith, N., Rich, K. A. & Wasser, K. (2016). Moving from Research Idea to Research Agenda: How to Develop Your Research Road Map as a Graduate Student. Symposium at the North American Society for Sport Management Conference, Orlando, FL.

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