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Knowledge Translation Field School Resources

Explore the resources from the Knowledge Translation Field School down below. 

Introduction To Knowledge Mobilization

Jayne Morrish (Brock University) provides an introduction to the theory and practice of knowledge mobilization and translation.

Policy Briefs

Ashleigh Weeden (University of Guelph) and Kyle Rich (Brock University) provide details on Policy Briefs. The session covers what briefs are, how and when they are used, and practical strategies for understanding your audience and how to craft a compelling message that will translate research/knowledge/evidence into action by policy makers.

Graphical Abstracts

Jayne and Larissa from Brock University take us through approaches, tricks, tools, and resources for creating graphical abstracts.

The Media

In this session, Maryanne and Cathy from Brock University talk us through engaging with the media. They review changes in the landscape of media and then growing role of communications departments in the post-secondary education context. They then walk through some exercises for using plain language and preparing for and nailing interviews.

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