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My teaching is focused on the social, cultural, and political aspects of sport, recreation and physical activity. I teach a variety of theoretical and practice-oriented courses. In my courses, I engage a variety of community-engaged learning and experiential education strategies, underpinned by principals of critical pedagogy. Course work includes knowledge translation, field experiences, case study work, and reflective practice.

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Courses Taught at Brock University

RECL 1P95: Recreation Programming 

RECL 2P26: Outdoor Recreation Theory and Practice II 

AHSC 5P30: Foundations of Leisure Studies

RECL 3P25 Community Development in Recreation: Philosophy and Practice

RECL 4P35 Current Issues in Community Recreation

RECL 3P11 Sociological Aspects of Leisure and Diversity

RECL 3P04 Leisure and Health Promotion

RECL 3M15: Administration of Community Recreation Theory and Practice 

RECL 3M25: Community Development, Diversity, and Recreation

RECL 3M01: Leisure Theory and Reflective Practise

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