My teaching is focused on the social, cultural, and political aspects of sport, recreation and physical activity. I teach a variety of theoretical and practice-oriented courses. In my courses, I engage a variety of community-engaged learning and experiential education strategies, underpinned by principals of critical pedagogy. Course work includes knowledge translation, field experiences, case study work, and reflective practice.


Courses Taught at Brock University

RECL 1P95: Recreation Programming 

RECL 2P26: Outdoor Recreation Theory and Practice II 

AHSC 5P30: Foundations of Leisure Studies

RECL 3P25 Community Development in Recreation: Philosophy and Practice

RECL 4P35 Current Issues in Community Recreation

RECL 3P11 Sociological Aspects of Leisure and Diversity

RECL 3P04 Leisure and Health Promotion

RECL 3M15: Administration of Community Recreation Theory and Practice 

RECL 3M25: Community Development, Diversity, and Recreation

RECL 3M01: Leisure Theory and Reflective Practise