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Knowledge Translation Products 

Estimating injury treatment lengths at the Canada Games: A Delphi Study
Matt Sudiyono, Brock University

Key considerations for women's football (soccer) sponsorship
Laura Harris, Brock University

Gender-Smart entrepreneurship education and training plus (GEET+) microlearning modules
Erica Gray, University of Ottawa

Leveraging the cancellation of the in-person Illinois Marathon for sense of community
Guangzhou Chen, Northwest Missouri State University

How the gendered marketing of kids fan clothing constructs an "idealized fan"
Adam Pappas, University of Waterloo

The effects of homelessness and food security on school performance 
Joseph Gebru, Brock University

Exploring the role of spirituality in Type 2 Diabetes management for South Asian seniors.
Arvith Jhirad, Brock University

Implicit bias in healthcare discrimination
Aliya Aragon, Brock University

What's gender got to do with it? Understanding youth homelessness and mental health through a gendered lens
Stephanie Wadge, Brocku University 

Understanding children's experiences in nature from an equity lens
Alison Smoke, Brock University

Emotional labour of women coaches
Jesse Porter, Brock University

Exploring toxicity in professional women's sport social media discourse
Megan Piche, Brock University

Social prescribing: The gateway to community wellbeing
Allayna Barrett, Brock University

Improving women' experiences in mentorship in Canadian coaching
Shaantanu Kulkarni, Laurentian University

Experiences of youth dancers and their families
Victoria Dewar, Brock University

Geography, demography, and sport participation in Ontario, Canada
Tammy Borgen-Flood, Brock University

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