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Regional Perspectives of Sport Policy Implementation

This project involves a pan-Canadian examination of sport policy implementation from a regional perspective. The research will fill an important gap in the literature by providing a systematic examination of the intersection of sport and regional policy.

Basketball Court

Project Overview

The overarching goal of this project is to understand the implications of regional (i.e., provincial and territorial) policy within sport policy implementation processes in Canada. This will involve examining policy itself as well as the experiences of policymakers and policy implementers within these processes. The outcomes will provide a better understanding of the system of multi-level governance of sport in Canada.

Phase 1 

In the first phase, we will systematically examine regional policy related to sport, recreation, and physical activity in all thirteen provinces and territories.

Friends Playing Cricket
Downhill Single Ski

Phase 2

In the second phase, we will examine the experiences of policy implementers (i.e., representatives from provincial and community sport organizations) within the sport system. Specifically, we will look at how changes in regional policy have impacted their efforts to develop sport participation opportunities.  

Phase 3 

In the final phase, we will work with regional sport organizations to pilot the use of geo-spatial analysis methods in order to understand sport participation patterns, and to develop policy interventions to increase sport participation opportunities.



Check back here for project outcomes as they become available. 

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