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State Of Rural Canada 2021 Report

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State Of Rural Canada YouTube Series

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All Videos

Publications and Productions

Rich, K. A. (2023, October 15). What banning Pride Tape tells us: Communities – not pro sport leagues – must lead on equity in sport. The Hamilton Spectator

Rich, K. A., Sharpe, E., Barnes, M., Philips, C. & Romano, E.,* (2023, September 30). Municipal collaboration in regional event hosting processes: A Case Study of the Niagara 2022 Canada Summer Games (Policy Brief No. 56). Niagara Community Observatory

Quinton, J.* & Rich, K. A. (2022, December 7). Gay men, sport participation, and experiences of well being. Sport Information Resource Centre Blog

Trussell, D., Rich, K. A., & Quinton, J.* (2022, June 29). How coaches and sport organizations can create a better experience for LGB youth. Sport Information Resource Centre Blog. 

Rich, K. A. (2022, January 30). ‘Wicked Problems’: Government involvement in sport is fraught with issues. The Conversation. 

Rich, K. A., Hall, H., & Nelson, G.* (2021). State of Rural Canada 2021: Opportunities, Recovery, and Resiliency in Changing Times. Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation. 

Hall, H., Rich, K. A., & Nelson, G.* (2021). State of Rural Canada 2021 Report Launch. Panel discussion at Creating Inclusive Economies: Building Bridges Between the Public, Private, and Civil Society Sectors Conference (Virtual).  

Smith, R. & Rich, K. A. (2021). Promoting participatory action research methodologies within leisure studies. Workshop Series organized for the Leisure Studies Journal. Awarded Maureen Harington Fund (£2990). June 17th-July 1st, 2021. 

Rich, K. A., & Tompkins, D.^ (2021). Strategic planning done right: Brock University Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies.

Rich, K. A., Nelson, G.,* & Hall, H. (2021, November 17). COVID-19 accelerated many changes impacting rural communities - we need to support their resilience. The Conversation. 

Rich, K. A., Pegoraro, A., & Backer, A. (2021, September 15). Data driven decision making - It is as easy as 1-2-3. Sport Information Resource Centre Blog. 

Rich, K. A. & Sharpe, E. (2021, August 31). Parks are about promoting everyone’s public health - not just boosting homeowners’ property value. The Conversation.

Rich, K. A., Minnes, S., Kevany, K., Hall, H. (2021). Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation gaining insight on COVID-19 impacts for Rural Canada. Regional Studies Association Blog. 

Rich, K. A., Bodin, K., Morrison, K., Lawford, K., & Fairley, S. (2021, March 16). Resilience through adaptation: How sport organizations responded during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sport Information Resource Centre Blog.

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Rich, K. A. (2020). “Escaping” to Rural Canada during the pandemic. Rural Insight Series: COVID-19. Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation.

Rich, K. A. & Barnes, M. (2020). Mood Walks: The role of parks and recreation in mental health promotion (Policy Brief No. 45). 

Rich, K. A., & Giles, S. (2019). We don’t know what we don’t measure: Data gaps in rural health and wellbeing. In Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation, State of Rural Canada III: Bridging Rural Data Gaps (pp. 22-30). 

Bean, C., Rich, K., & Kramers, S. (2019). HIGH FIVE®’s Principles of Healthy Child Development and Program Design Guidelines: Review of Literature.

Rich, K. A., & Pegoraro, A. (2018). Challenging the Narrative of #HumboldtStrong: Power, Politics, and Sporting Nationalism. Engaging Sports. 

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